4Dbox PLANS is Design data creation and editing.
An extremely designer-friendly graphic application.

■A fundamental tool for designers
Interface of well-structured work efficiency


Thanks to newly improved interface, now PLANS brings you upgrad ed work
efficiency. New layer panel which is located next to the Color Scheme Panel,
consistently facilitates more visibility and centralized control of diverse type of layers.

Print Design

Entire print function workable for creation of images to maps.

4Dbox PLANS Design tools



Creation of design also functions to create color variation.


Quick creation of standard geometric patterns.

Total 192 pieces of unique color sample charts, supporting any type of printer.
Color reduction
Resolves full color image into arbitrary number of colors for color palettes’ creation.
By using dual tone, you can breakdown a color
into two by using dual tone, also breakdown into three or four, by using half tone.
A function to convert color reduced image into arbitrary pixel size in mosaic mode.
Original Tool enables accurate retouch, upon comparison between color-reduced and original images.
Color scheme
Simultaneously works among editing,printing,comparing other color schemes, by using color scheme indication screendisplay.
Color scheme creation
Automatic development of specied color palette enablesaccessible color combination, by using maximum 30 patterns’ broad range of selection.
Color Collector
Creation of unique color swatch originated full color pictures.
Repeated View / Drawing
As normal paint work, I can perform the repeat list layout that I show it and used drawing and a layer for .
Pattern paint
Easy to employ both original and registered compositions into sketches.
Optional effects like embossing and napping help to enhance further textured feeling.
Arbitrary setup functions to create classic Polka Dot patterns without taking time.
Stripe patterns can be easily created by using original setup tool.
Easy function to create Check patterns just like drawing with pen.
Check Generator
Function to create Check designs automatically and infinitely, by using original swatches.
You can create drawing with diffusion of selected motifs.For drawing, choose<Scale/Angle/Opacity/Distance/Diffusion value>.
Motives can bend along with track of mouse.
You can create drawing with diffusion of selected motifs.For drawing, choose <Scale/Angle/Opacity/Distance/Diffusion value>.
Function to create embroidery image designs like Satin or Fill.
Knit-taste patterns on full-color pattern can be created, by specifying type of stitches from <Plain/Purl/Rib/Pique>, gauge and thickness of yarn.
Realistic Pile images can be created by using simple setup of filter function.


Entire print function workable for creation of images to maps.



Mesh facilitates more realistic interpretation of integration to create 3D images and drawing patterns.Mesh data employed at integration is repeatable, its written layer functions for color scheme editing.


A function to help drawing of flat sketches and design drawings with smoother line.Parts registration helps to exchange each item in a simple mann er. Also, other path data created by other applications can be used, as SVG file reading is available. (*Partly limited.)

Textile Design

Broad amount of construction and selectable yarn forms facilitate quick and efficient simulation of unique yarn-dyed samples.

  • Creation of construction:Broad capacity covers 500 types of loadable construction data.

  • Creation of yarns:Ready-to-use 1,000 yarn types.Creation of yarn-dyed, loop, nap and twist yarn.

  • Creation of patterns:Unlimited entry of stripes and charts works while checking patternssimultaneously.

■Entry of stripes/ charts

Ready-to-indicate list of color palette, yarn, and construction enables quick exchange of items. Stripe entry function brings more realistic simulation, such as shading on yarn, and napping effect as finishing.

■List of constructions

Both availability of creation of new construction and selection from registered 500 types of woven constructions.

■List of yarns

Registered yarn type: Yarn-dyed, twist, loop, and nap. Availability of creationand editing.

■Creation of yarns

Creation of yarn-dyed, loop, nap and twist yarn.

Knit Design

Knitted interpretation created by simple operation composed of stitch image and stitch marks.

  • Stitch:Image file converted into stitch image enables detailed modification by using paint function.

  • Stitch mark entry:Disposal entry of stitch marks and print with stitch mark indication.

  • Knitting:Visual interpretation of knitted status based on stitch image and stitch mark data.


Visualized knitted status based on stitch image and stitch marks data, starting from basic specification of gauges and conversion to yarn form, such as loop.Simultaneous operation both color conversion and visualization of knitted status.Simpl e color scheme management by single data.

■Stitch mark entry

Disposal entry of stitch marks and print with stitch mark indication.

■Stitch conversion

Detailed modification by using drawing tools on existing image files converted into stitch image.

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