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Software that supports design work

4Dbox PLANS is a design software specializing in textiles

It can be used as a sales tool for print, textile, and knit design work.
Realistic simulation provides a clearer image of the finished product and improves planning and proposal capabilities.
We support your work environment with functions that help improve work efficiency and significantly reduce sample costs.

Features of 4Dbox PLANS

Functionality You Will Love

Textile print design and color variations
Textile design and color variations

Create design images and significantly reduce sample costs

Simulating a design makes it possible to get a clearer image, reduce sample costs, and improve work efficiency.

Product mapping image
Product mapping image

CG creation of material samples is a sustainable approach.

Varying the color scheme of materials and creating product samples can help reduce environmental pollution associated with disposal and transportation.

The composite image created through mapping will enhance your planning and proposal capabilities.

Product mapping image
Color variation

We will use it for design work and as a sales tool

By sharing design data, you can quickly build a product image and use it for sales activities.

It is used in various industries such as apparel, fashion goods, and interior design.

4Dbox PLANS function

From print, textile, and knit simulation to product images

Repeat drawing and color scheme creation for textile print designs

Repeat drawing and color scheme creation for textile print designs

We create a wide range of designs, from basic functions such as creating designs and color schemes for materials, and repeating drawings, to embossing, brushing, pile processing, and embroidery images.

plaid and textile patterns

plaid and textile patterns

Broad amount of construction and selectable yarn forms facilitate quick and efficient simulation of unique yarn-dyed samples.

Knit design images

Knit design images

Knitted interpretation created by simple operation composed of stitch image and stitch marks.

Mapping image

Product mapping image

Create product images by synthetically mapping photos and illustrations. It can be used for a variety of products such as apparel, miscellaneous goods, and interior goods.

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